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The Cable Center is just as committed to the history of cable as it is identifying trends and conducting cable industry analysis that will influence the future trajectory of the entire media industry.

We have been collaborating with the cable TV research community since the 1990s. This passion is a major reason why we are proud to consider professors and high-ranking media officials among our partners, while allowing us to bring to light noteworthy cable industry analysis findings. This synergy plays an important role to building bridges between the media industry and higher education across the country.

In order to create dialogue and a place for sharing data, The Cable Center has created programs and content-rich forums where industry leaders, faculty members and students can engage in discussion, share information and generate ideas that will power the media industry in the 21st Century.

Highlights of this particular mission include our hosting of the Academic and Cable Telecommunications (ACT) Forum in 2011 and 2012 where results of groundbreaking cable TV research were shared.

Cable industry executives and members of the academic community convened to share information about technology, distribution, and programming - showcasing academic research in all related areas, discussing the role of cable in new media and society, and heightening the understanding of the cable industry as a change agent.

Click through the links below to view Photos and Videos from the previous ACT Forums and be sure to check back for more multimedia from our future cable industry analysis gatherings.

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