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The United States shares its passion for cable programming with Europe, Latin America and around the globe. The Cable Center is diligently fostering its global presence with industry leaders who are interested in the historical and legacy components facilitated by The Center. In addition, there is strong attention from our North American, European and Asian colleagues for learning best practices and cultivating relationships with our Customer Experience Central (CEM) community.

The Center's Cox Chair, Dr. Charles Patti, and senior fellow, Dr. Ron Rizzuto, have extensive professional and academic relationships overseas. Consequently, we see many opportunities to provide academic and commercial research that is not exclusively accomplished in the U.S. We offer a variety of international programs and will expand those offerings to include training and development programs for operators overseas. Moreover, we believe The Cable Center can offer faculty members from around the world avenues for research and tutorial opportunities.

Although we believe there is only one global Cable Center, we do envision a larger presence in the European Union and China. We have already cultivated a solid and continuing relationship with the Chinese cable industry, as well as the Chinese academic community. With financial backing from the John & Anna Sie Foundation, we teamed up with the University of Denver's Daniels College of Business and Encore International to organize and present the Chinese Executive Media Management Program (CEMMP). The program, now in its 14th year, is directed by Dr. Rizzuto, who is also the Sorensen Distinguished Professor of Finance at the Daniels College of Business.

Since the advent of the 21st century, (with the exception of 2003 during the SARS scare and 2008 following the Wenchuan earthquake) executives from Chinese cable firms have traveled to Denver to study the cable business. The program includes intensive in-class training on issues including operational structure, financial analysis and accounting, market research, and leadership management. There is also an emphasis on the competitive landscape of the programming and multichannel video marketplace, and the convergence that is occurring across the entire telecommunications landscape. The Cable Center could expand that program to include a European component as well. Drs. Patti and Rizzuto have also undertaken proprietary research for international cable companies, including Liberty Global.

Our experts also regularly participate in panels, workshops, and industry confabs sponsored by CTAM Europe and Cable Europe (Cable Congress), the continent's largest annual cable convention. For instance, The Center led a CEM panel discussion at the 2011 CTAM Europe conference and Dr. Patti will lead a panel session at the upcoming 2014 CTAM Europe.

Through the extensive connections Drs. Patti and Rizzuto established over the years, we have developed relationships with several of the top universities in Europe − including the London Business School; the Graduate School at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy; the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus School of Business in Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Esade Business School and the IESE Business School, both located in Barcelona, Spain. "We are focusing on establishing strong relationships with the best business schools in Europe," Dr. Patti said. "We would like to establish a visiting professor program with those prestigious schools."

The Cable Center has identified a niche outside of the United States cable market, leveraging our CEM expertise, research and academic contacts. We believe our proficient services will resonate with and be a benefit to our cable partners around the globe.



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