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At The Cable Center, we are devoted to being the definitive resource and archivist for the cable industry’s past, present and future. To fulfill that mission, it is crucial we foster and maintain a strong relationship with the academic community. We are associated with a dedicated group of academics who recognize the cable industry’s impact and role in television and telecommunications.

They understand the industry is rapidly changing and morphing into an integrated communications business. However, there is currently minimal research being done in the academic arena.  The Cable Center is the consummate facilitator of this effort, creating an efficacious academic environment that includes a number of programs and research projects for members of the academic community. We give faculty members the tools and resources they need to become experts about the cable industry.

The Cable Center is designing a number of programs to achieve that goal. We are shifting our mission focus from students to faculty members.  Over the next few years, we expect to build an extensive community of academics and scholars here in the U.S. and abroad.

We have the ability to establish academic chairs within The Cable Center itself, as well as at universities here and overseas. The Cable Center currently has one chair – Dr. Charles Patti – and more will likely be named. In 2015, The Cable Center is also establishing a new Summer Faculty Program that will encourage teachers and professors to become acquainted with our resources. This will enable them to conduct their own research without having to take a formal sabbatical.

The Cable Center Grants Program is designed to allow members of the academic community to attend industry events and conventions, such as the annual NCTA and SCTE shows. Several of our academic programs have an international component, so we will continue to explore ways to integrate the U.S. and international academic communities. We currently have extensive international connections enabling us to have a global outreach within both the academic and professional communities. One of our longest-tenured programs is the Chinese Executive Media Management Program (CEMMP), which is now in its 13th year. Each year, we collaboratively invite Chinese students and faculty to The Cable Center and Denver University’s Daniels College of Business to learn about the U.S. cable business.

In the near future, we also plan to bring faculty and other members of the academic community to Washington, D.C. for a forum about pivotal cable industry issues. This forum will present panels and presentations that give faculty members an in-depth perspective on specific topics they can take back to their classrooms and use as part of their own research. The Cable Center will work closely with industry partners at the National Cable Telecommunications Association (NCTA) and American Cable Association (ACA) to plan and execute this forum in an effort to examine and explain various public policy issues to the academic community.

The vast possibilities for The Cable Center’s educational and academic programs are widespread and multi-faceted. We are excited about bringing members of the academic community together and providing them with accurate information for enhanced classroom education pertaining to the historical and societal impact of the cable industry. 


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