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Cable TV Pioneers

To be a Cable TV Pioneer, you must have a minimum of 20 years of direct involvement in the cable industry and during those years have made a meaningful contribution in building the industry.

Qualifying cable veterans can have an application submitted on their behalf by a qualified Pioneer, with a co-sponsor who is also qualified.

The nominating and co-sponsoring Pioneers cannot be affiliated with the candidate or with each other by a business or family relationship. Both Pioneer members’ dues must be current and they must have been a Pioneer for at least three years.

A Pioneer may nominate only one candidate or may co-sponsor just one candidate each year.

Special note – Members of the Managing Board cannot nominate or co-sponsor a candidate.

Applications must be accompanied by a check in the amount of $100 ($50 one-time initiation fee and $50 first-year dues). Memorial membership applications for deceased candidates must be accompanied by a check for $500.00, a one-time only fee. (Please include the date the candidate died.)

A photograph of the candidate (4x6 or 5x7) is to be included with the application.

Notice of acceptance into the Cable TV Pioneers will be given to the sponsor in adequate time to notify the candidate and to make arrangements to attend the induction ceremony at the Pioneers banquet.

Friends we have lost.

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