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The Cable Center’s position at the center of the industry’s Cx Central (customer experience) evolution began in 2006 with the Cox Endowment to fund an academic program in customer care. The vision was simple – The Cable Center would become the home of thought leadership and research for the industry regarding customer experience.

Since that time, The Cable Center has played an increasingly involved role in the cable industry’s continuing mission to better serve customers. Today, The Center’s programs emphasize industry dedication to improved customer experience and enhance efforts to deliver on that commitment.

As the cable industry approaches maturity and competition continues to grow, the need for competitive advantage increases. Continuously improving the customer experience can be one such advantage – cementing the loyalty of current customers and increasing the appeal of cable for a new generation of consumers. The Cable Center’s Customer Experience Central Initiatives have established a solid foundation on which to build industry capabilities in this critical area.






Media Collection

From 2008 until 2014, The Cable Center’s Jana Henthorn, senior vice president of academic and industry outreach, has moderated a panel at NCTA’s Cable Show on customer experience.  
MSO care executives, industry experts, and academics converge on important information to share with show participants. We have posted the most recent panel videos available, as well as a lecture given by Ron Cooper, former Adelphia COO, for graduate MBA students as part of the Cable Mavericks Lecture Series and the MBA concentration classes in customer experience management.

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The Cable Center and the University of Denver have initiated a research agenda that focuses on Customer Experience Management in repair operations in Cable.

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