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Friends We Have Lost 

It was with sadness that we recently said good-bye to the following Cable TV Pioneers:

Richard Covell, Class of 2002
Benjamin J. Conroy, Jr., Class of 1966
Carl M. Williams, Class of 1969
John G. Campbell, Class of 1972
Robert Rosencrans, Class of 1977
Samuel S. Street, Class of 1980
Glenn R. Jones, Class of 1983
William F. Randles, Class of 1985
Robert L. Toner, Class of 1987
Abe Sonnenschein, Class of 1987
Ralph J. Roberts, Class of 1988
James F. Collins, Class of 1990
Ralph M. Baruch, Class of 1992
Linda G. Brodsky-Cooper, Class of 1992
Charles Klein, Class of 1993
Everett M. Hirsh, Class of 2000
Irvine B. Hill, Class of 2003
Mother Angelica, Class of 2003
Rodney R. Warner, Class of 2005
Richard Lee Jackson, Class of 2006
Steve Bell, Sr., Class of 2009

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