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Honorary Board of Directors

  • Julian Brodsky

    Julian A. Brodsky
    Director & Vice Chairman - Retired

    Comcast Corporation

  • David Cohen

    David Cohen
    Executive Vice President

    Comcast Corporation

  • Chuck Dolan

    Chuck Dolan
    Chairman & CEO

    Cablevision Systems Corporation

  • Frank M. Drendel

    Frank M. Drendel

    CommScope, Inc.

  • Alan Gerry

    Alan Gerry
    Chairman & CEO

    Granite Associates, Inc.

  • John W. Goddard

    John W. Goddard
    President & CEO - Retired

    Viacom Cable

  • Richard R. Green

    Richard R. Green
    President & CEO - Retired

    Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.

  •  Gustave M. Hauser

    Gustave M. Hauser
    Chairman & CEO

    Hauser Communications, Inc.

  • John S. Hendricks

    John S. Hendricks
    Founder & Chairman - retired

    Discovery Communications, Inc.

  •  Leo J. Hindery, Jr.

    Leo J. Hindery, Jr.
    Managing Partner

    InterMedia Partners, LP

  • Amos B. Hostetter, Jr.

    Amos B. Hostetter, Jr.

    Pilot House Associates, LLC

  • Marvin L. Jones

    Marvin L. Jones
    Director - Retired

    Pace Micro Technologies

  • Gerald Levin

    Gerald Levin
    Chairman & CEO - Retired

    Time Warner Communications

  • Robert J. Lewis

    Robert J. Lewis
    Owner & Manager

    Lewis Enterprises, LLC

  •  John Malone

    John Malone

    Liberty Media Corporation

  • Robert J. Miron

    Robert J. Miron
    Chairman & CEO - Retired

    Bright House Networks

  •  Trygve E. Myhren

    Trygve E. Myhren

    Myhren Media, Inc.

  • Thomas F. Puckett

    Thomas F. Puckett

    HPC Puckett & Company

  • Leslie "Les" H. Read

    Leslie "Les" H. Read

    The Cable Center

  • John V. Saeman

    John V. Saeman

    Medallion Enterprises, LLC

  • ssearle

    Stanley M. Searle
    Owner - Retired

    Searle Communications

  •  Gail Sermersheim

    Gail F. Sermersheim
    Senior Vice President - Retired

    HBO Atlanta

  •  John J. Sie

    John J. Sie
    Founder & Chairman - Retired

    Starz Entertainment Group, LLC

  •  R.E. Ted Turner

    R.E. "Ted" Turner

    Turner Enterprises, Inc.


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