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Gene Iacopi

Interview Date: Wednesday November 01, 2000
Collection: Hauser Collection



KELLER: This is the oral history of Eugene A. Iacopi, a cable television pioneer, a son of a cable television pioneer, a major market developer in San Francisco and the San Francisco area, a founder, and president in 1966-67 of the California Cable Television Association, and a member of the board from almost day one. Gene was also a member of the National Cable Television Association board of directors, was awarded the outstanding committee chairman in 1972 and '73, was chairman of the legislative committee, and has been part of the driving force of the California industry from late in the '50s through the present day. This oral history is made possible by a grant from the Gustave Hauser Foundation, and is part of the Oral History Program of The Cable Center. The date is November 1, 2000. We are at Gene's home just north of Sacramento, California. Your interviewer is Jim Keller. Gene, tell us a little bit about your background before you got involved in cable television, and then how you got involved in the industry.

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