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Cable Center President and CEO Larry Satkowiak Retiring

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The Cable Center announced in July that president and chief executive officer Larry Satkowiak will retire at the end of the year after 12 years. Satkowiak joined the staff in late 2003 as chief financial officer and became president and CEO in 2005 at the request of Bill Bresnan.

Bresnan had a vision for The Cable Center and believed Satkowiak was the “right guy for the job” due to his business savvy and extensive experience with nonprofits. Satkowiak was concerned about his lack of experience in the cable industry. Bresnan told him, “If you do a good job at The Cable Center, you will meet all the people that are worth knowing.” “He was right,” said Satkowiak, “I have met some truly exceptional people with very generous hearts.”

Under his leadership, The Cable Center redefined its mission and core focus, creating a five-year strategic plan to reorganize The Cable Center, ensuring that The Center’s programs and services were cost effective, efficient and valuable to the industry. Thanks to these efforts, The Cable Center now holds an integral role in the cable industry, uniquely telling the remarkable story of the industry and highlighting the significant contributions made to technology, society and culture.

Jerry Kent, chairman and CEO of Suddenlink Communications and chairman of The Cable Center’s Board of Directors said, “Larry’s contributions to The Cable Center’s success cannot be overstated. During his 12 years in cable, he has gained the respect and admiration of leaders in all sectors of the industry. The Cable Center’s research, programs and partnerships created during his tenure will leave a legacy that will benefit the industry for a very long time.”

Among Satkowiak’s numerous accomplishments at The Cable Center, he is most proud of the development of The Center’s programs, financial stability, the growth of the Hauser Oral History Collection and his book, published by The Cable Center, “The Cable Industry: A Short History Through Three Generations”. Satkowiak says, “I am confident that The Cable Center will have a very bright future.”

“I am thankful for our amazing staff and incredible board, all of whom are the top leaders in the industry. In addition, I have been very fortunate to work with three chairs of our board whom I consider the best in the business – Bill Bresnan, Michael Willner and Jerry Kent. They have all provided leadership, vision, guidance and friendship,” says Satkowiak.

Satkowiak is looking forward to retirement and the opportunity to spend more time with his family and enjoy his hobbies. Retirement won’t be all relaxation, however. Satkowiak has more than 30 years experience in science and technology education and is looking forward to devoting more time to several nonprofit boards in those areas. He also plans to continue his relationship with the cable industry in some capacity. “It is a fascinating time for the industry. The cable industry changed the world in the last three generations, and there is great potential for continued technological, social and political implications in the next 10 years. We will all be amazed at the future.”

In Memoriam

jonesandrobertsThis summer we lost two extraordinary cable visionaries, Ralph Roberts and Glenn Jones. The Cable Center would like to take a moment to remember these cable pioneers who will be greatly missed by everyone in the industry.

"Ralph Roberts and his team at Comcast helped to build the modern cable industry in America. His contributions extended well beyond Comcast as he provided leadership to the entire industry. He was a man of strong values, devoted to his family and a gentleman to all that knew him. We will miss his warmth and humor as we share the loss with his family and all of our colleagues at Comcast,” said Larry Satkowiak, president and CEO, The Cable Center.

Ralph Roberts was inducted into The Cable Hall of Fame in 2000 and taped his oral history the same year for the Hauser Oral History Project Collection.

During his Cable Hall of Fame induction speech, Roberts said, “I went through several different businesses in my lifetime. I found out that if you believe in what you are doing, you will probably do it a little bit better... that’s the kind of thing I have tried to instill into the people in our company.”

Glenn Jones was a champion of The Cable Center, serving on our Board of Directors in the early 2000s. He was inducted into The Cable Hall of Fame in 2005 and taped his oral history in 1999 for the Hauser Oral History Project Collection.

During his 2005 Cable Hall of Fame induction speech, Jones said, “The cable business has been a great adventure for me. It has been wonderful fun and has given me a sense of accomplishment. One of the things I just love about this business is that it was, and is, so ‘character rich’. There are such a great and interesting array of participants that have become lifelong friends.”

“Glenn Jones was certainly one of the original Colorado cable pioneers. Talking to Glenn was always delightful as he had such a rich command of so many subjects. He came from humble beginnings and never forgot that education was one of the keys to his success. He was determined that technology could best be applied to education as a great equalizer,” said Satkowiak.

You can find more quotes, photos and videos of Roberts and Jones on The Cable Center’s website.
Ralph Roberts:
Glenn Jones:

Sundance for Television – The Cable Center Sponsors SeriesFest: Season One

SeriesFestNewsletterThe Cable Center was a proud sponsor of SeriesFest, an international celebration, held in Denver this summer, dedicated to showcasing the best new pilots from established and emerging content creators and creating a global marketplace for episodic storytelling.

Denver was chosen as the location for the annual SeriesFest event due to its longtime cable connection and central location. The inaugural four day event was held in June at the Denver Film Society’s SIE Film Center and featured 26 independent pilots in competition.

The Cable Center hosted the closing night ceremony and party which included industry leaders, content creators and Colorado and Denver government officials. Other industry sponsors of SeriesFest included Comcast, Starz, AMC, USA Network, HBO and FX.

"SeriesFest is more than just a festival, it’s a community,” says Randi Kleiner, CEO of the new festival, her brainchild. “We are partnering with many great organizations to help build that community and grow SeriesFest and Denver into a home for independent storytellers.”

“There are so many networks and platforms looking for content,” says co-founder Kaily Smith Westbrook, who grew up in Denver before moving to New York to pursue a career in film and TV. “We hope this opens the door for people who go on to win Emmys.”

Kleiner added, “At a time when entertainment is evolving across multiple platforms, there are even more opportunities to present a diverse range of programming and talent.”  

Planning for the 2016 event is already underway. If your company is interested in participating or sponsoring SeriesFest, please contact .

Educating Future Leaders

Building upon the momentum of the past ten years of producing and sponsoring collegiate lectures and forums, The Cable Center is a proud sponsor of One Day Immersion in TV, Cable and Digital Entertainment (ODI) 2015. College students are the industry's future executives, thought-leaders, technology innovators and are changing the way media is consumed. ODI connects this highly motivated audience searching for knowledge and opportunity, with unprecedented access to top digital television executives. Through that connection, ODI provides executives exposure to the next generation of industry leaders as they develop strategic relationships.

“In New York City and in their home base of Denver, The Cable Center continues to support connecting smart people in the industry with students around the country. Their commitment to education and the future of the industry is admirable,” said Dolly Wolf, producer of ODI and owner of Dolly Wolf Enterprises, LLC.

This year, there will be two One Day Immersions; ODI Wild West held in Denver on Friday, October 9 at The Cable Center and the main event in New York City on Friday, October 23 at Pace University. Both events are free for students and will be live video streamed for those who are unable to attend in-person. In addition to sponsoring both events and hosting ODI Wild West, The Cable Center will present a panel at ODI in New York City discussing “Virtual and Augmented Reality in the Business World”.


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