Cable Center Staff

At The Cable Center, we aim to provide all our constituents with an excellent experience. That’s why we have assembled a team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals, intent on providing the best experience possible – whether you’re conducting research, learning more about the cable industry, or planning a corporate event or wedding.

Joyce Alden-Schuyler

Joyce Alden-Schuyler joined The Cable Center in January of 2010 as Executive Coordinator to Jana Henthorn, Senior Vice President of Academic and Industry Outreach and as of 2016 she is now Senior Executive Coordinator.

As Executive Coordinator she coordinated The Center's activities in global customer care, proposal development and higher education liaisons.

Prior to joining The Cable Center, Alden-Schuyler worked at the University of Denver as an Executive Assistant for the Department of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer, specifically assisting with Western Techset, a non-profit company established to connect academics to the investment marketplace.

Alden-Schuyler holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations from Colorado State University.