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Our dynamic industry is changing faster than ever before, and the nature of business and leadership is evolving just as fast. The Cable Center blog offers insights and guidance from innovators, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs to help keep us ahead of those changes. Our experts share life experiences and wisdom to inspire those who will drive what’s next in the connectivity industry.

When I worked on P&G’s WalMart sales team, one of my bosses was a big guy with an even bigger personality. He shared his opinions loudly and broadly and one of his opinions was that we needed to stop using the word “breakthrough.”

“If I have to hear one more time about some

It’s Not as Hard as You Think

“I don’t know how I got into the program. I’m not innovative.”

For nearly two years, I’ve been the Dean of the Intrapreneurship Academy, a program I created in partnership with The Cable Center to help the industry’s rising stars learn how to be more effective innovators. Over the

How To Continue Innovating Post-Pandemic

Friends of The Cable Center,

We find ourselves in the most challenging of times. Many of us are working from home, balancing extraordinary demands, and navigating a new normal. Here’s what I do know – we work among the most inventive and resourceful people. With that in mind,

Intrapreneurs in Action

Kristin Buch, Senior Director, Public Affairs, NCTA and Graduate of Intrapreneurship Academy, Class 2

In 2018, NCTA – The Internet & Television Association – began implementing new strategies that included a strong component focused on building corporate membership.

Intrapreneurs in Action

Kristin Turner, People Director, Liberty Globaland Graduate of Intrapreneurship Academy, Class 4

If we’ve learned one thing from airline travel, it’s that in the event of a change in air pressure, you need to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others.

How To Continue Innovating Post-Pandemic

A video conversation about intrapreneurship with Ken Klaer, EVP & President, Comcast Technology Solutions, 

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Innovation is the heart of our cable and connectivity industry. Every day, we see