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Chris Lammers

Chris Lammers - COO Emeritus & Senior Executive Advisor, Cablelabs

Chris Lammers

COO Emeritus & Senior Executive Advisor

Chris Lammers is COO Emeritus and Senior Executive Advisor for Cable Television Laboratories, Inc. (CableLabs®) supporting special projects. In 25 years with CableLabs, he redefined his role several times over in the effort to continue to identify opportunities to advance CableLabs and its member support. Chris developed a unique role with responsibilities for operations, membership development and international relationships. In his leadership of operations, at various points he directed accounting and finance, communications, HR, IT, legal and facilities functions, as well as testing and certification services.

In what many see as one of his most substantial contributions to the broadband industry, Chris developed the MTO Group within CableLabs, a highly influential community of mid-market and smaller market operators across the U.S. and Canada comprised of CEOs, COOs, CTOs and technology leaders. Chris was one of the first within CableLabs to recognize the need to address the unique needs of the smaller member organizations and defined the path to understand, serve and fully engage with these smaller markets. Chris’ development of the MTO group continues to give MTOs a “seat at the table”, ensuring their needs, contributions and participation are included in executive level conversations and in technology development and innovation initiatives at CableLabs.

In a parallel opportunity, Chris defined, developed and led CableLabs’ international member strategy resulting in the dramatic expansion of and engagement by cable operators across three continents. Over more than two decades of extensive and persistent outreach, communication and travel, often engaging his technical counterparts, Chris and the CableLabs team brought within CableLabs 19 MSOs in Europe (from one originally) representing substantially all key operators across Western and Central Europe, 13 MSOs in Asia (from one originally) representing key operators in Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan and Taiwan, and six MSOs in Latin America (from one originally) representing key operators across the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico and South America. This has resulted in the creation of global alliances that serve to benefit not only regional MSOs, but to create alignment across the international cable community in the adoption and implementation of the industry technology fostered by CableLabs.

Chris serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Emma Bowen Foundation where he is committed to technology innovation for and mentoring of students of color. He has mentored 15 Foundation interns across their summer programs at CableLabs which contributed to the hire of virtually every one of these interns in highly relevant industries, primarily in the technology sector also including two hired at CableLabs. One of these interns was named “Intern of the Year” by the Foundation.

He has been actively involved in support for several national and international industry trade associations, including The Cable Center.

Prior to joining CableLabs in 1997, Chris was President and CEO of Western Communications, a mid-sized multiple system operator with cable systems located in the Western United States. Before joining Western Communications, Chris was a partner with the San Francisco law firm of Cooper, White & Cooper. He received his law degree from the University of Chicago School of Law and a B.A. with distinction in psychology from Stanford University.

He and his wife Debbie have three amazing children – Laura, Stephen and Kelly.