Leveraging Customer Experience

A course to enable leaders to deliver excellence in customer experience

A course to enable leaders to deliver excellence in customer experience. Senior Fellows and CX experts Drs. Charles Patti, Ron Rizzuto, and Maria van Dessel help participants develop creative and innovative solutions to the challenges of designing and delivering on the customer experience promise. The course is built around six core topics that lead to the execution of a CX audit of of the participant’s organization.

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Who should take this course:

Who should take this course:

Employees that hold a customer-facing role, including internal customers

People who hold CX management or leadership roles and other CX-adjacent team members (those who interact regularly with CX) from other disciplines

Previous experience in CX is not required

Middle management leaders with a desire to understand the role of CX within their organization

Through this course you will:

Gain employees with skills in the core foundations of CX management

Develop teams with expertise to build a CX culture

Enable CX leaders to measure the financial and non-financial results of CX programs

Course Tuition:

Early Bird





of marketing professionals said that improving customer retention and satisfaction is the primary objective for their CX strategy

Meet Our Course Leaders and Developers

Senior Fellows at The Cable Center working with CX leaders as part of C5, providing education, research, and collaborative learning

Charles Patti, Ph.D
Charles Patti, Ph.DConsultant and workshop leader to companies in varied sectors, including Aetna Insurance, Gannett, McDonald’s, New Zealand TeleZealand Telecom, Otis, Siemens, and Texas Instruments
Ron Rizzuto, Ph.D.
Ron Rizzuto, Ph.D.Consultant to clients including First Data Corporation, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, Adelphia Communications, Chevron, CableLabs, Liberty Global, Price Waterhouse Coopers, and QwestCoopers, and Qwest
Maria van Dessel, Ph.D
Maria van Dessel, Ph.DUniversity of Denver Research Scholar, focused on advancing the understanding and application of CX, CX performance metrics, and tand training and development in CX across various industries

2021/2022 Classes

This course is 8 weeks. Choose from two classes.

Sept. 8 – Oct. 28, 2021

Early Bird Deadline: July. 30, 2021
Standard Deadline: Aug. 5, 2021

May 4 – June 23, 2022

Early Bird Deadline: March 4, 2021
Standard Deadline: April. 8, 2021

 *Cancellation Policy

If registered participant cancels within 30 days of course start date, registrant (or organization) will be responsible for 50% of the course tuition. If cancellation occurs within 14 days of course start date, registrant (or organization) will be responsible for the full tuition amount.

Slide 2 M Patty Bullington

IA provided the launch pad for me to work on an idea I had been noodling on for a few years. IA allowed me to dig in, find a sponsor that would advocate for the project, and deliver a solution that is making a big impact for my organization.

Patty Bullington

Director of Accessibility, Charter;
Driving Innovation Graduate

Slide 2 Jeremy Meissner

Intrapreneurship Academy provided me with tools I still use today in developing and architecting solutions for my company. It also helped me hone my current skills, including how to talk to colleagues clearly and get them involved in finding the best solution.

Jeremy Meissner

Principal Engineer II, Charter Spectrum
Driving Innovation Graduate

Slide 1 Kristin Buchs

This program gave me skills I was able to use immediately in my job.

Kristin Buch

NCTA: The Internet & Television Association
Driving Innovation Graduate

Slide 2 M Del Velcchio

Initially when I came here I thought innovation only was related to technology and products. So, learning about the process and a new way of doing things I think was the best takeaway for me.

Monica Lena Del Velcchio

Liberty Latin America
Driving Innovation Graduate

Slide 3 Adam Eng

The tools that you learn through this course drastically changed my approach to innovation.

Adam Eng

Driving Innovation Graduate

Slide 4 Ubek Ergashev

The biggest thing I learned from this class was the framework around innovation. So many times we think about innovation as this sort of catch-all term and exciting buzzword. But there are concrete skills that you can learn and apply… The things we have learned here have been invaluable in terms of thinking through an idea and seeing it through to execution.

Ubek Ergashev

Machine Q, Comcast, Driving Innovation Graduate

Slide 5 V. Spinosi

It’s practical, it’s realistic, and I think anyone who is thinking about joining should apply… The time is now!

Valerie Spinosi

Driving Innovation Graduate

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