Intrapreneurship Academy (IA)

The Cable Center’s Intrapreneurship Academy (IA) provides cable industry rising stars with the skills and mindset to become intrapreneurs: to envision and effect change, and to innovate within their organizations’ existing corporate structures. We believe innovation can be applied in any facet of your work—processes, products, programs, people, and technologies.

Class 8 has been rescheduled for a June 23 kickoff.

Intrapreneurship Academy: Tomorrow's Innovators Start Here.

Intrapreneurship Academy (IA)

The Intrapreneurship Academy at The Cable Center is one of the industry’s leading career development and educational programs. During this unique 8-week program, participants learn and apply the process of innovation and intrapreneurship while advancing a real-world project within their companies. This program delivers measurable value and is a proven positive investment across industry organizations and disciplines.

IA consists of a 2-day in-person kickoff, followed by 6 weeks of online modules, and concluding with a 2-day in-person capstone.

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IA Participating Organizations

Participant Qualifications:

  • Currently employed in the cable/media/telecom industry (including operators, programmers, vendors, and associations)
  • Manager, Senior Manager, Director or VP (or individual contributor equivalent) across any discipline
  • People managers or individual contributors that are considered high performers/rising leaders

In addition to working with the instructor and each other, IA participants also engage with a designated Sponsor. Each participant partners with a Sponsor within his or her organization to help navigate roadblocks and provide practical guidance. Sponsors are essential to the participant’s success, helping to adjust their project as needed, move their ideas along through the proper channels, and provide a “big picture” perspective of the company and industry as a whole.

Sponsor Qualifications

  • Recognized as a strong people developer
  • One or two levels above the participant (but not their direct manager)
  • Able to advise participants on their innovation projects, help them understand the context and culture in which they are working, and advocate for them within the broader organization

IA – Company Track

Organizations also have the opportunity to conduct IA in-house, teaching the process of innovation to a group of rising leaders within the same organization. Projects can be individually-based, group-based, or class-based. IA – Company Track enables companies to accelerate innovation, and at a broader and organized scale.

Download Our IA - Company Track Flyer (PDF)