Intrapreneurship Academy (IA)

The Cable Center’s Intrapreneurship Academy (IA) provides cable industry rising stars with the skills and mindset to become intrapreneurs: to envision and effect change, and to innovate within their organizations’ existing corporate structures. We believe innovation can be applied in any facet of your work—processes, products, programs, people, and technologies.

Intrapreneurship Academy: Tomorrow's Innovators Start Here.



Class Four | 2019

  • Pedro Baez, Liberty Latin America
  • Pedro Baez
    Senior Installation Manager
    Liberty Latin America, Puerto Rico
  •  Kat Berry - SD Marketing and Advertising
  • Kat Berry
    Senior Director
    S&D Marketing and Advertising
  • Cori Betancourt, Liberty Latin America
  • Cori Betancourt
    Finance Director
    Cable & Wireless, Panama
  • Francesca Bliss, NCTA
  • Francesca Bliss
    Senior Writer
    NCTA - The Internet and Television Association
  • Lorena Chavarria, Liberty Latin America - Honduras
  • Lorena Chavarria
    Senior Marketing Regional Manager
    Liberty Latin America - Honduras
  • Jimmy Freimark, Charter
  • Jimmy Freimark
    Senior Mgr Engineering
  • Manoj Hebbaradi, Charter
  • Manoj Hebbaradi
    Software Engineer
  • Michelle Hurt, Charter
  • Michelle Hurt
    Senior Mgr. Engineering
  • Sydney Lauer, Sand Cherry and Associates
  • Sydney Lauer
    Sand Cherry and Associates
  • Robert Mengert, Senior Mgr Engineering, Charter
  • Robert Mengert
    Senior Mgr. Engineering
  • Jeremy Messner, Charter
  • Jeremy Messner
    Principal Engineer
  • Tracy Norris, Cable One
  • Tracy Norris
    Web Development Manager
    Cable One
  • Krithika Raman, Comcast
  • Krithika Raman
    President, Product Engineering
    Comcast - India Engineering Center
  • Edward Rankin, Cable One
  • Edward Rankin
    Business Fulfillment Manager
    Cable One
  • Joshua Rodriguez, Charter
  • Joshua Rodriguez
    API Test Lead
  • Kristin Turner, Liberty Global
  • Kristin Turner
    People Director
    Liberty Global